Grooming  A  Cavalier           by Susan Ling- SuShine Cavaliers


-          Once a week put dog on a smooth surface with a rubber mat or firm footing. Mist with water that has 1 tsp. human or dog conditioner to 1 l water.


-          Brush with a slicker brush- paying attention behind the ears and under the tail-go over the entire body, legs, ears and tail included.


-          Trim toe nails every 2-4 weeks remembering the dewclaws (thumbs).


-          Clean out ears weekly with small piece of paper towel or makeup pad-can use warm water, alcohol or ear cleaner-no Q-tips and check for any debris.


-          Trim hair on bottom of feet (between pads) every 2-4 weeks


-          Bath once every 1-2 months using dog shampoo for white coats and conditioner to keep hair silky and clean. If dog gets dirty in between- a half bath of feet will help.


-          Begin to brush teeth with a small  dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste around 6 months. A good suggestion is to cut an old facecloth in quarters and rub it gently on the teeth to get puppy accustomed to the feel, then begin using a finger brush then a toothbrush. Daily is perfect-weekly is good.


-          As hair begins to grow the grooming process will require a bit more time. Remember to make if fun-talk to the dog-give a treat for being good at the end. A complete comb out with a comb, also a pin brush (for ears and body) and the above mentioned slicker-small Cat size is good, nail trimmers and a small pair of scissors to trim hair on the feet.


-          Final brush for shine with a bristle brush


-          If eyes tear- dry as often as you can-at least twice a day with a small piece of paper towel or facecloth. Most dogs out grow this or one can add 1 tsp. cream cheese to food- start with a tiny bit at first.


Supply list: paper towel, small scissors, nail trimmers, small slicker, pin brush with no knobs, comb medium size, bristle brush, makeup pads.