Opal Shih Tzu & Whippets

"'We give them the love we can spare, the time
we can spare.In return dogs have given us
their absolute all. It is without doubt the
best deal man has ever made.
- Roger Caras



Opal Shih Tzu  would like to take this opportunity to thank some special people who have helped along the way. Without you none of this would be possible.

First, my family, my husband, son and my parents, thank you for your support.

A special thank you to:

Jane Francis (Rambutan Perm Reg'd.); your kindness and help will always be remembered and appreciated.

Patricia Waters (Beswick Perm Reg'd) and Thomas Harvey, Thank you!!!

Thank you to each breeder who has entrusted us with one of their own. Always know that we will try our best to present that dog to the best of our ability, we will also provide and care for that dog as best we can.

The world of dog shows can be a very rewarding
but difficult place. Thank you to everyone who has given their time. Your efforts have been and are greatly appreciated.

Friends = support, good times and  laughter.
Shih Tzu = making it all worthwhile.

Thank you!!
Opal Reg'd

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