NOV. 13- , London, Dixie and Rory all received clear eye checks today plus London and Rory also had normal heart checks end of Oct.

Also all of these 3 are heading to one more last show of the year-London-Rory and Dixie end of Nov.

 Nov.3- Rory wins Best of Breed all 3 shows at Miramichi KC-- a Group 2nd, 3rd and 4th placements in the Toy Group to end the year 2020. At this point he is still #2 Cavalier in Canada.

Oct.28- Rory is getting ready for his weekend dog show with Bonnie Fisher. Finally we received his certificates from CKC  for his Canadian Championship and his Grand Champion titles!!! Also right now Rory continues to be #2 Cavalier in Canada with Top dog points.

Oct.13 - Dixie now has her own page.

Oct.4-WOW-did we have fun at K9iQ-weather was perfect!! Willy with Wanda -on left-passed his Novice Trick title at only 6 months of age and London with me passed 3 Trick Titles-Novice, Advanced and Intermediate - that leaves the Expert title for her to work on next.

Oct.3- Fantastic weekend in Stanley NB at Miramichi Dog show- Rory won 3 Best of Breeds and Group 4th and Group 1st-now making him #2 Cavalier in Canada for now. We are so proud of this boy and the wonderful grooming and handling of Bonnie Fisher. Little Dixie also showed her stuff by strutting to win 3 points and Best Winners and Best puppy in Breed on the final day. This is the last show this year but so much fun to get out and see the rest of our friends whom we have not seen for 6 months.

Sept.9- A friend came by last week and took some photos of Rory and Dixie for me-Thank you Helen MacLeod!! Rory and Dixie are getting ready for the upcoming show Sept.25-27  Miramichi KC located near Stanley,NB.


Aug.19- Puppies are 8 weeks old today. They will see the Vet this afternoon for their checkup, vaccine and microchip.

July 30 Five weeks photos are now posted.

July 22-New photos of the puppies at 4 weeks. Photos

July 15-Updated new photos of the puppies that are 3 weeks old today. Teeth are just starting to come in.

July 8-Babies are 2 weeks old today-their eyes have all opened this week slowly. All are over 1 1/2lbs. I am just trying to get some new photos to post. Puppies

July 2-Got new baby photos posted at 8 days of age. Check on new puppy page-link below

June 28-London with her 3 babies They are just a few hours old in the photo and by day 2 they are all gaining well. Babies were born on my birthday June 24. Two boys and 1 blenheim girl. New puppy page. ALL SOLD. Prospective owners will be contacted shortly.

 June 22- We are on puppy watch. Londons Xray showed 4 puppies. All is ready- just waiting for their appearance-hoping all will arrive safe and sound. Lots of names on my list and not enough to go around.


May 31-Puppies have all gone to their new homes. London is expecting end of June.

Apr.4- YES- new photos are posted of all 8 puppies at 2 weeks of age. They are all gaining well and all over a pound. Eyes have all opened, front toenails were trimmed. Next week or very soon the ears will open.

Mar.28-Just doing some puppy photos. The puppies are 1 week old today.

Mar.22-Things have just been a bit hectic here -so only now doing updates. Halifax Kennel Club dog show went very well. Rory earned 4 Best of Breeds and a Group 3rd placement in tough competition with Bonnie Fisher guiding him along. London won Reserve Female on Friday and won Winners Female Sat. for a point (now she has 3pts). Baby Dixie made her ring debut and won Best Baby puppy in Breed then also won Best Baby Puppy at the Group level too. We did not stay to compete at the end of the Show.


Mar.21- Paris delivered 8 beautiful blenheim babies today 4

 Boys and 4 Girls. First we were expecting 4 from ultra sound then the Xray on Monday said 7 but the final total is 8 and we are just going to watch and help them along to make sure all are vital. I am pretty sure all are sold but will contact the expectant owners when they are about 1 week old.

 Feb.24- Lots of new updates. Paris is indeed expecting a litter 3rd week in March. More info    on Puppy page. London is working on new tricks and Rally exercises. Rory is trying to stay clean-ha ha for Halifax Dog Show coming  Mar 6-8 at the forum. Times to be announced. Rory is entered all 4 shows-London is entered for the first 3 shows and baby Dixie is just going to the first show on Friday providing she learns to walk not hop or run on her show leash.

Jan.18-Paris is now in season and away being bred. Fingers crossed all goes well and we get puppies near end of March. I will update the puppy page soon with more details.



Dec. Another year is coming to an end. London earned her Rally Novice title with 3 scores 99/100 plus won 2 points towards her Canadian championship. Paris earned new titles pre-Novice Obedience, Rally Intermediate and Rally Advanced and 2 legs (passes) in Rally Excellence. Rory-our new boy on the block finished his Canadian Championship in 2 weekends and also earned 12 points towards his Grand Championship and with only 4 weekends in showings is #16 Cavalier in Canada (according to Canuck Dogs).

Oct.11-13 and then we entered the Cobequid Dog Club show with Bonnie Fisher showing Rory and came home with 3 Best of Breeds and 2 Group 3rds and 1 Group 4th. One more show for us to end the year Moncton Nov. 15-17.

Sept 7- Rory won his last point at Pictou Dog show to complete his Championship.

Sept 3-We had an excellent weekend at the Halifax Dog Show. London was entered in 3 shows coming home with 2 points and Rory was entered in 6 shows obtaining 9 points (just 1 short of his Championship) plus a Group 3rd and Group 4th in Toy Group. This is his first shows ever. Many Thanks again to Marianne Creary for sending Rory to Nova Scotia. Making a new page for Rory. Next show for Rory is Pictou County Kennel Club at Sobey's Soccer Dome, Stellarton NS Sept 7 & 8.

Aug 29-London and her Toy box-they are inseparable. Now she and Rory are getting bathed to attend the Halifax Dog show Aug 30-Sept 1 held in Lantz at Soccer Dome.

July 9- Please Welcome a new addition here "Cempa Light My Fire At Sushine" aka Rory. A Huge Thank you to Marianne Creary for allowing him to join us. We are looking forward to showing Rory very soon.

July 1-Paris and London are heading to Halifax Commons near Emera Oval to do some agility with K9 Hi Flyers  Come watch if you are in the area-starts about 1:15pm. We also hope to have some news very soon-stay tuned!!

June 1 & 2- Paris competes in 2 more trials to win her next 2 legs for Rally Advanced with scores of 95 and 92 so now adds a new title-- Rally Advanced

GCh Sushines Paris In The Spring CGC,PCD,RN,RI,RA we still need another category for the Versatility Award.



May 24- Too much rain to get anything done in the gardens or outside dog training. Paris is entered in the Lunenburg Show June 1 & 2 in Obedience.

May 3-Moncton Show Paris wins her 1st leg in Rally Advanced with a score of 97.

May 1- Something New-a page with all the titles of SuShine Cavaliers

New page for London-not quite finished yet.

Apr. 21-Paris passes another leg on Rally Intermediate so now she competes in Rally Advanced. So she is now: GCh Sushines Paris In The Spring CGC,PCD,RN,R

March 30 & 31, 2019-Good day for Paris at 2 trials-she received a passing score to complete her new title Pre Novice and her 1st score in Rally Intermediate of 93/100-a great start for the new year. One more trial tomorrow. Paris did awesome on Sun. Rally trial Intermediate with 99/100. Now planning for our next trials. In mid April London and I are heading to the American National Cavalier show in Cape Cod-sure hope the weather improves for then.

A new year and new goals to set. It has been a quiet winter so far. London is now almost 7 months as of Feb.4.

No puppies this Spring from either Paris or ChaCha- we are all so disappointed. Both will be bred again this Fall.

In the meantime Paris and London are working in Obedience and Rally classes. Paris will be in a few trials trying to earn more titles.

In mid April I am attending the American National Cavalier Show in Cape Cod so really looking forward to that. London is coming too and getting her health checks done. London passed both her eyes and heart tests.



Nov. 3 & 4- Paris was back in 2 more trials this time she has completed 2 more legs for PreNovice. We are hoping to get that last leg in Moncton Nov.17 or 18. Results from Heart check all clear!!

Oct. 7 Happy Thanksgiving!!! from SuShine Cavaliers. We had a great weekend at the Cobequid Dog Club show (Truro). Paris passed her final leg (test) for Rally Novice and she also her passed her Canine Good Neighbour test-so her new titles will be GCh SuShines Paris In The Spring CGN, RN (pend.) Her daughter London made her ring debut with a little help from our friends and came home with 2 Best Baby Puppy in Cavaliers and 2 Best Baby Puppy in Group-- I will try to get some new photos.

Plans are in the works to breed Paris to a very Special boy. Timing will matter so not sure if this will be the next breeding or we'll skip this season and breed the next. Her Heart check coming this month Oct. 2018, eyes cleared Apr. 2018. Our health clearances are very important in this breed.

Oct. 5 Happy to say Paris earned her CGN tonight-so now her name will read: GCh SuShines Paris in the Spring CGN (pend). London will make her Baby Puppy debut tomorrow-just having fun!! Paris will try for her last leg on Rally Novice Sun.


Sorry for lack of updates. June is birthday month for many of our family and we have just returned from Calgary, AB. Paris is definitely pregnant and due around July 8th. Lilly does not look pregnant at all but I will still hold my breath due near end of June. Paris was bred to Danny and still 3 more weeks to go. I also received word that Paris won an entry to Puppy of the year event in London, ON Sept 2018 where the best from each province will compete. No- after having a litter she won't be entered but so nice she was invited. We are so looking forward to a litter of healthy puppies-last litter was almost 2 years ago.

Excited to announce ChaCha has also completed her Grand championship  so her name is: GCh. Sushine Dancing With The Stars-litter sister to Paris-cowned with Barbara Theobald.

Paris earns two passing scores in Rally Obedience Apr. 14 & 15 with scores of 96 and 99. Hoping to get that last pass in early May.

We said Goodbye to our beloved Peaches Ch. SuShines Peaches N Cream-Apr. 26, 2005- Apr. 6, 2018-the house is just not the same without her. She was always a kind loving soul although she was the Queen in this house no one ever suspected-but the dogs and puppies all knew.

Pleased to say both Danny (GrCh Stonetree Mischief At Sushine) and Paris (GrCh Sushines Paris In The Spring) both passed their eye exams today!! Apr.3/18. Paris is entered in her 2 Rally trials Apr.14 & 15, 2018




2017 was a Grand year. Paris not only finished her Canadian Championship she also completed her Grand Champi)onship. So her new title is: Grand Champion SuShines Paris In The Spring next thing on her agenda is adding titles to the other end of her name. Paris was also the Top Cavalier Puppy in the Maritimes.

Not to be outdone by her daughter, Lilly also added 2 new titles to her name: Ch Liane's Lillifee PCD,RA,Therapy Dog Unfortunately Lilly did not have any puppies this year. We had even repeated the breeding to Paris' sire "Cannon". Paris sister ChaCha living with Barbara Theobald in Quebec also finished her championship too and will now try to complete her Grand also.

In Sept. both Danny and Lilly passed their heart tests and are both heart clear.

Nov.1- Another year is coming to an end. There is one more show weekend in Moncton Nov 18 & 19. Lilly is back home after being bred to Cannon again-same parents as Paris- so now we wait and watch-hopefully puppies before the end of Dec. All are sold.

Oct.14-Paris was shown by Tasha Holowaty at the Cobequid Dog Club Show (Truro,NS) and won Best of Breed both days. Hopefully these were the final points needed to complete her Grand Championship. News soon about Lilly.

Sept.18-Lilly added 2 more titles to her name this past weekend-Rally Advanced and Pre-Novice. So now her name will read    Can Ch. Liane's Lillifee PCD,RN,RA (pend)

Sept.7- Paris did very well at the Maritime Toy Dog Specialty winning Best of Breed-then it was onto Halifax Kennel Club shows winning 3 more Best of Breeds and a Group 4th placement in Group 5 (Toys). Cha Cha (Paris full sister) finished her Championship this weekend - Congratulations to Barbara and Cha Cha! So that makes 2 Champions from Lilly.

Sept.1- We are very pleased to announce both Danny (3yrs) and Lilly  (41/2 yrs) passed their heart auscultations today. Tomorrow Paris is off to the Maritime Toy Dog Specialty and the Halifax Dog Show in Lantz, NS.


Aug.27-It has truly been a busy summer! Although Lilly did not have any puppies she did compete in Obedience and Rally trials in early Aug. She earned 2 passes in pre-Novice and completed Rally intermediate and 1 new pass in Rally Advanced. The Boys Jack and Danny have been having a blast in agility with the team photo on the front page. Paris is sporting her summer duds-however she is entered at the Halifax Kennel Club Shows being held in Lantz, NS over Labour Day weekend Sept 1-3. Her sister will also be showing.

Jul. 29-Glory passed her St John's Ambulance Therapy dog test today!! She did an awesome job.

Jul. 17-Quick update: ChaCha now has 8 points. Lilly did not have any puppies. So we will try again to breed Lilly this Fall.

Jun.30- We are pleased to congratulate Barbara Theobald and SuShines Dancing with the Stars on her Group 4th placement at the Chateauguay Shows. This gives Cha Cha 5 points-3 more shows this weekend.

Glory are Paris are heading to Halifax to take part in the K9 Hi Flyers agility demo July 1st at The Commons after 1:30-Meet and Greet at 2pm and then more agility at 2:30. See you'll there.

Jun.3 & 4-At the South Shore kennel Club shows, Lunenburg, NS. Paris won 3 out of the 4 shows with Best of Breed and best Puppy plus also won Group 3rd and 4th in the Toy Dog Group. This was her final show as a puppy as June 8 she turned 1 year. Happy Birthday Paris and to All your siblings.


May 8- During the past weekend at the Moncton Kennel Club show Paris finished her Canadian Championship with 4 Best of Breeds , 4 Best Puppy in Breed and 2 Best Puppy wins in the Toy Dog group. We are super excited about this 10 month old homebred girl- looking forward to a fine future. Show photos coming soon.

Another update Lilly has come in season already and will be bred to Daniel so those on this anticipated litter should let me know they are still waiting for a puppy.

Apr.15 - At the Fredericton Dog Show Paris picked up 2 more points and 3 Best Puppy ribbons. Her sister ChaCha is attending her first show this weekend in Quebec.

Mar.22 - Paris is practicing for her next show this weekend in Truro, NS. If you want to meet Paris she is on Sat. and Sun. afternoon about 2:15-2:30. Next show coming up in April.

Feb.27- It has been a quiet winter on the dog front. Paris has just attended the Halifax Dog Show for all 4 shows- a lot of shows for her very first time competing as a junior puppy. She did awesome coming home with 3 Best of Breeds for 6 points and 4 Best Puppy in breed ribbons. Next show is not until the end of March.


Dec.5- I put up a couple new photos of Bindy (above) All the puppies have gone to their new homes. Time to get ready for Christmas.

Nov. 23- Paris got her own page today. Puppies are going to get their 1st vaccines and checkups and then new homes this week.

Nov. 18- Latest  and last photos of Puppy faces at 7 weeks.

Nov.3- Again the 5 week photos are up-hopefully--I will check to see they were uploaded. Danny and Paris are getting ready for the last Dog Show in the Maritimes this year being held in Moncton Nov. 11-13. Cavaliers are on at 4:25pm Fri. early Sat at 8am and 1:30 and Sun again at 8am.

Oct.28- New photos up of the puppies today-they have just turned 4 weeks-time to start weaning now they are up on their legs and moving around. Link below.

Oct.20- I have updated new puppy photos on the Puppy page. Now hopefully uploading and links will work.

Oct. 14- Updated Glory's puppy photos now 2 weeks of age. Link below

Oct.8- HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!!! We are off to the Cobequid Dog Show (Truro) Sat. and Sun. new photo page for Glory's puppies. Paris won best baby Puppy in Group on Sun.

Oct.5- Babies are gaining well-new photo above. I am just starting to contact names now. Both Ocean and Paris are getting ready for the Truro Dog Show this weekend.

Sept.29- Glory's litter arrived. We have 4 sweet little babies- 1 tri girl, 2 tri boys and 1 blenheim boy. Next litter not until late Summer 2017.

Sept.10-Updated a few pages-Our Dogs, Ocean and I will update some others soon. Glory is expecting a new litter in Oct. I have an overflowing list of names now.

Aug 31-During the Cavalier National show-Lilly scored 98/100 in Rally Intermediate. Ocean won 1st in her class in Puppy Sweepstake 9-12 months. Danny won a huge ribbon in Puppy of the Year even though he did not take 1st.

Aug 27 & 28- We were off the dog show in Dominion NS put on by the Cape Breton Kennel Club. Ocean wins 2 more points towards her championship which now totals 5. Sure hope to finish that before the end of the Show year. Danny wins 3 BB with a Group 2nd and 3rd placement in the Toy Group.

Aug 18- We are pleased to say Lilly easily passed her St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog test. She is now ready to visit schools, hospitals and senior residences. Danny and Ocean are getting ready to participate at the Cape Breton Dog Show (Dominion, NS) on Aug. 27 & 28 and then it will be Ocean, Danny and Jack heading to the Cavalier National, Halifax, NS on Aug.31, Sept 1 & 2.


Aug 8- The puppies have gone to new homes except for Paris and ChaCha-one is staying here and one will go to Quebec end of the month.

July 25- Just getting this website back up and working. Hope to do some new photos later today.

June 25-26 -Ocean competed at her first dog show and won 3 points towards her championship. Danny also won 4 Best of Breeds and is still working on his Grand Championship-needs 2 more points. 

June 16-Just posted 2 more puppy photos at 7 and 8 days of age. Link below.

June 14- Danny and Ocean are entered at the Evangeline Show last weekend in June-Berwick NS.

June 08- Quick update-Lillys puppies have arrived-all 6 of them- 2 Boys and 4 Girls-all doing fine so far.

May 10- Lilly has been bred to BIS/BISS Gr Ch. Shirmont Cannon Sureshot. Hoping for the litter to arrive June 9-11. Glory has not come in season. We had a wonderful weekend at the Moncton show. Danny earned 12 points towards his grand Championship (needs 20)

Apr.14-Not a lot to update. Lilly comes back home tomorrow after being bred to a very Special Cavalier in ON. All blenheim pups hopefully to arrive around June 9-11. I have lots of names and Puppy Applications for now. So please don't send anymore.

Mar.30- Finally able to get my website updated. It is one thing to get the info on the site but getting it uploaded only happened today. Lilly has just come in season and going to be bred-stay tuned for more info.

Mar. 28 -Finally got a chance to do some updates on my website. Danny is pleased to announce he completed his Canadian championship at the HFX Dog show on Feb. 20 winning Best of Breed at 3 shows. Ocean did her baby Puppy Debut also winning Best Baby Puppy at 2 shows. Danny won 2 more BB at the Truro dog show Mar 19 & 20. His next show will be  in May at the Moncton Show.


Feb. 17- Cavaliers will be on at the Halifax Dog show 6:50pm Fri.

 Feb-26, Sat. 8am and 4:40pm and Sun 1:00 Halifax Forum. Daniel is entered each day and Ocean will be there Sat. only.

Feb.4- Abba has been sold. Ocean is staying here.

Jan.29- Found my Grooming page for Cavaliers. Have a look I placed it on my website. Grooming


Jan. 28- The puppies are all gone except for the two girls I have shown above. I hope all the new owners are pleased with their new additions!! Good luck and don't hesitate to call or email with any questions. Now it is time to get ready for the upcoming dog shows for Daniel and back into training Lilly in Obedience and Rally and begin the show training for Ocean. Jack has just had his hips and knees Xrayed and the Vet says they looked good so that will be sent to OFA for verification.

Jan. 8- Lillies puppies are 8 weeks old today. I just took a few new photos. On Wed. they had their Vet checkup with vaccines and all went very well-all clear hearts and all healthy checkups.The Boys are now ready to leave for their new homes.

Jan.6- Just updating Glorys puppies today.

Jan.3-Happy New Year everyone! I updated Lillys puppy page with their 7 week photos. I am just getting all switched to a new computer so getting programs tweeked etc. Now I will start to do Glorys puppy. Vet appointment will be made for later this week for Lillys pups and then they are ready to head to their new homes.



Dec.29- Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. Our 2 little grandkids were home plus our 3 sons and spouses. I was given a new computer so just trying to get used to it. All the puppies are doing well and hopefully I will get some new photos later this week- soon they will be so wiggly one cannot get photos. Wishing all a Happy New Year.

Dec.18-Lilly's gang of 5 updated at 5 weeks of age. Link below. Thank you to all those that have given me deposits- All have been sold except for those I am retaining.

Dec.16-New photos of Glorys pups at 3 weeks- eyes are open and just beginning to focus.

Dec.11- Updated 4 week photos of Lilly's pups.

Dec.9- Finally updated Glory's puppy photos. Sorry it took so long. Glory's Puppy page  All new owners have been contacted except 1 for now. Just waiting for the rest of the deposits. Hopefully I will put up new photos of Lilly's pups at 4 weeks on Fri.

Nov.29- Glory's Puppy page- just started. I have started contacting my waiting list.

Nov.27- Lilly's Puppy page-just started .

Nov.26- Oh My-what can I say? Glory has 8 yes 8 new babies born Nov.25. She needed a little help from Dr. Penny with C section but so far all are doing OK. A normal Cavalier litter is 4 but she is learning very fast that 8 are a lot of work. We have 1 blenheim girl, 1 tri girl, 1 tri boy and 5 blenheim boys. I will wait a few days to make sure all are gaining before I start on my waiting list.

Lillys babies are fat little piggies-now at 13 days and eyes have just opened. If time permits this weekend I will update a page for Lillys puppies. Yes I have been taking photos.

Nov.17- New puppies are all gaining well-one is a little slower. New photo at 4 days.

Nov.13-Finally our long awaited litter has arrived. Five good sized pups from 7.1oz-9.9oz- 2 Boys and 3 Girls.

More details here  Puppies ALL SOLD-- Computer still acting up!!

Nov.10- My computer has been down for over a week, I have just gotten it back and well over 250 emails to sort through. If you don't hear from me perhaps it got lost in the shuffle so if you wish just email again. No News from Lilly yet- very very soon - puppies this week.

Oct. 30 - The end of the year is quickly approaching. We have finished going to shows and are now preparing for 2 litters of puppies within the next few weeks. Both girls are pregnant-soon we will be delivering new little bundles of joy. If you haven't contacted me lately about the waiting list  and filling out a puppy application you best do that.


Oct.16 - It seems to have been quite busy since the Thanksgiving weekend. I know I am way behind in my emails. Daniel did win 1 point Sat. at the Truro Dog Show so he now has 7 points- he needs more hair so we will wait until next years shows. Since we will hopefully have 2 new litters in Nov. that keeps us very close to home too. Jack has been a busy Boy lately and hopefully 3 new litters of Jack puppies will arrive late this Fall-2 litters in NB and 1 here from Glory. It is looking very positive for Lilly having puppies!!!

Sept.27- Glory has now been bred to Jack. Tri and blenheim puppies due end of Nov. hopefully!!! Check the Puppy page.

Sept.15- Happy to announce Lilly has been bred to Cruz-check details here. Litter hopefully due mid Nov. All are SOLD. Glory has also come in season and passed her Vet checkup today and will be bred very soon.

Sept.11- We are back home from the trip to Mirabel PQ, then on to Woodstock ON for the Cavalier National. While Lilly did not get to compete in Rally or Obedience because she came in season, Daniel did quite well in his classes. In Puppy Sweeps he placed 4th and 2nd in 12-15m Male and again another 2nd in 12-15m Male. Lilly is now being bred to a very Special dog. Just waiting for Glory to come in season now too.


Aug. 20-I have been trying to do some updates on my website- but nothing seems to get updated. I would also like to say that I am receiving emails but my response has been slow due to training, company and cottage life-I apologize for that-if you have not heard back from me just email again. There are almost 7000 emails to sort plus I have received as many as 3 new inquiries plus several phone calls a day.

Daniel is #2 Cavalier puppy in Canada now :(

Aug.12-Lilly is getting ready for the conformation ring-its been awhile since she was in the ring. So a handling class tonight then off to the Show on Friday. This is a tune up before we head to the Cavalier National.


July 29- Updated Puppy Application located on the Puppy page. Both Lilly and Daniel will be entered at the Cavalier National Sept.4-6 Woodstock, ON. Lilly has been entered in a local show mid Aug. for show training.

July 5- Put up a few photos taken by A. Pemberton on Daniel, Jack, Glory and Lilly too enjoying their agility demo.

July 1- Lilly and Glory, Jack and Daniel will be attending K9 Hi-Flyers agility demo at The Commons in Halifax- I think around 1:00pm-2:30pm if not I will update the time.


June 15- Lilly received her CKC certificate for her new title Rally Novice.

June 6- Daniel wins another best Puppy in Group at the South Shore Dog Show, Lunenburg, NS.


May 12-Bathed our old girl Peaches today. She just turned 10 years old Apr. 26 so had to take her photo.

 May 2 & 3 Daniel competes at the Moncton Kennel Club shows and brings home 4 Best Puppy in Breed, 4 WM, 2 Best of Breed and 2 Best Puppy in Group and 3 more points towards his Championship-only needs 4 more to finish and he just turned 9 months of age Click here for some photos.

Apr.18/19 SUPER pleased to announce Lilly has completed her Rally Novice title. Yesterday she earned 89 (handler lost 10 points) and today again at Pictou County Kennel club show she earned 100 points for a 1st place!!!!

Daniel wins his 1st point at Halifax Kennel Club Show Mar.14, 2015. He is entered in another 2 shows-Truro, NS March 28 and 29 and Daniel wins BB/BW/BP for 2 more points.



June 18-Parker has been officially retired and lives with the cutest Cocker called Bella!!! Glory is not looking pregnant but I am still hoping!!! Keelie is preparing for her agility demo with the K9 Hi-Flyers July 1st at the Halifax Commons in the afternoon-if anyone wants to come watch and meet Keelie (just her 1st year), Jack and maybe Lilly may tag along. Lilly has 1 more show weekend with Allison and team early in July-fingers crossed she gets that last point to finish her championship. They say the last point is the hardest!!!

June 2- Well I think Spring has finally arrived-4 beautiful days in a row over 20C. We enjoyed a wonderful cruise with our son and his wife in the Carribbean-then it was back home to check on yard work. Shortly we are off to Calgary to visit our 2 grandsons for a week.

May 13- Glory has been bred to Jack and hopefully puppies will arrive mid July. I already have a full waiting list for those puppies. Soon we head out for a cruise with our son and his wife for a week. Surely the weather will be much improved in the Caribbean.

May 3-Lilly wins 2 more points at Moncton Kennel Club and Best of Breed. Lilly now has 9 points just needing 1 more to get that Championship--all Thanks goes to Allison Foley and team.

Apr.29-Glory has now come in season and will be bred at the appropriate time. So hopefully puppies should arrive mid July. Glory also received her CKC certificate for a Rally Novice title. Updated Puppy page.

Apr.20-Both Glory and Jack finished their CFC Championships today  by earning 3 excellent cards. Then Glory moved over to the next show  across town and competed in Novice B Obedience winning High in class with a 2nd leg in that title-still need one more to finish. So 3 new titles on our dogs this weekend totaling 5 new titles this year. Couple more photos on each of their pages. Now, Jack will be heading to Obedience training with a little agility too.

Apr.19- Quick update from CFC Show (FCI rules) Jack wins 1 Excellent and Best of Breed and Glory wins 1 Excellent and Best of Breed and passed her CGN test.

Apr.11-Lilly won 3 Best of Breeds and Group 3rd at Champlain Dog Club,  show (ON) shown by Allison Foley and team-gives Lilly 7 points now.

Apr.6- Today we are off to an Eye Clinic with Jack, Lilly and Glory. This Wed. Lilly gets bathed and ready for her show on the weekend with Allison Foley and team :) Glory goes to an Obed. Match Apr.12. Happy to say all 3 passed their eye exams for breeding-Glory, Lilly and Jack-and Jack was the best behaved!!!

Mar. 24- Glory completed her 2nd title this year in Rally Novice plus earned 1 leg in Rally Advanced and 1 leg on her Companion Dog title (CD). Now Jack and Glory head to another Show (CFC-Canine Federation of Canada) in conformation-hoping to each pick up one more title on Apr.19 and 20.Hopefully she will remember to stand and look pretty and not sit!!!

Mar.16-Bathed Lilly today and took a couple photos.

Mar.13- Glory has been entered in 4 more trials at Cobequid Dog Club Show Mar.22 & 23, 2014. She's not quite ready but due in season soon so was pushing to get her entered.

Mar.3- NO PUPPIES- how disappointing!!!

Feb.27- Still waiting and watching Keelie. Looks like a small litter of 1 or 2-will know more soon I hope!!

Feb.25- Entered  Lilly in a show for April with Allison Foley showing her. Glory was also entered in Rally and Obedience trials March 22 & 23. I best get more practicing in.....

Feb.8-Glory placed 1st in her class of 8 with a 99/100 in Rally Novice plus earned her 3rd leg (passing score) to complete her Pre-Novice title. Back to work to work on more titles. Judges were Brenda Juskow and Norma Hamilton.

Feb.3-Hopefully Spring is on the way! Countdown is on for Keelie  having puppies end of this month. Glory has been in training and entered for 2 trials in Halifax-Rally Novice and Pre-Novice on Feb.7. Lillys favourite pastime is chasing a 2 litre pop bottle all over the yard.

Jan.23-First update of the year-- All is well here. Just watching Keelie to see if she is having puppies end of Feb.-so far it is a maybe, perhaps I should get an ultrasound soon to tell. Glory is back at Rally and Obedience classes and we made the plunge and entered her in Halifax Dog show. Lilly is having a blast playing in the snow-she loves it!! She shed her puppy fuzz and now we await a new coat before we head back to the show ring for the last 5 points.

2014 above

Dec.7 Lilly adds 1 more point-so that is 5 points towards her Canadian Championship. Thanks again to Allison Foley and team for showing Lilly.

Nov.30 Lilly wins 3 points at the Caledon Dog Show with Allison Foley and team. Way to go!!!

Nov.27 Lilly is getting ready for a dog show with Allison Foley and team. Good Luck to all of them!! Couple new photos on Lilly's page.

Nov.23 Keelie, Glory and I are getting ready for the Santa Claus parade representing the K9 Hi Flyers

Nov.15 Well it looks like Glory is NOT having any puppies. We will try again with her in the Spring. Thinking about breeding Keelie to have Spring puppies just depends on timing.

Nov.5 Made a few update to my website this week. New photo of Keelie at 3 1/2 years of age, the above photo is of our 3 girls- Glory age 2, Lilly 10 months and Keelie soon coming 4 years.

Nov.1 Keelie earns 2 passing scores (legs) on her Companion Dog title (CD). Jacks photo arrived from CDC Group 4th and finished his Canadian Championship. Glory sure doesn't look like she is having any puppies- 2 weeks to go.

Oct.13 Jack wins another BB and Lilly wins her first point. No news about Glory yet-still hoping she may have a litter.

Oct.12 Yay!!!! Jack is now a new Canadian Champion and finished with a Group 4th. So his new title is: Can Ch Liane's Humpti Dumpti. Show photo coming soon.

Continued: Older updates

Sept 25 Pleased to announce test results on Parker and Keelie --- both clear for Dry eye curly coat and Episodic Falling.

Sept 24 Nothing much to update. Glory has been bred to Jack and hopefully due mid Nov. Added a couple photos of Lilly and the girls. Keelie is back to Obedience and Rally-O classes.

Sept 11 Updated a photo of Lilly and Jack today.

Sept 8 Jack wins 4 more points at Pictou show-total now 9-just needs 1 more to finish his Canadian Championship.

Glory has also just come in season and will be bred- we are checking to see which stud dog????? Stay tuned! Once the breeding is done we will make the announcement and keep our fingers crossed.

Sept 7 Jack wins 2 more points at Pictou Co. Show and now has 5. Lilly made her show debut and did quite well. No points yet but she is learning the ropes.

Sept 2 Back home from the National and Specialty, Cobourg, ON. Glory earned 2 passing scores in Pre Novice and 80/100 in her Novice Rally O. Jack had lots of fun and the judges remarked on his pizzazz and won 2nd in 12-18 month class- Puppy Sweepstakes , a 1st in his class at the National and another 1st in his class at Eastlake Specialty.

Aug 25 Three of the pups have gone to new homes. Car is cleaned and ready to travel as Glory, Jack and I head off for the Cavalier National. Glory is in Obed. Pre-Novice and Rally Novice while Jack heads to the conformation ring.

Aug 22 Excited to say all 4 pups passed their health checks and are ready to leave for their new homes.

Aug 13 Puppy photos at 6 weeks.Keelies puppies

July 29 Wow one week makes such a difference in the puppies. They are now up and mobile, eating from a dish- a little and beginning to play and get personalities. They all have sharp little teeth too. Will get some new photos later today. New photos at 4 weeks of age.

July 21 Puppies are now 3 weeks old-time for a nail trim, ears and eyes are now open.  I hope to get some newer photos today.Keelies puppies

July 13 Updated puppy photos -now 2 weeks old. All weigh over 1 pound now.Keelies puppies

July 5 New link for Keelies puppies

July 2 The new babies are gaining well. This camera is not taking photos well but I did add one here.

June 30 Keelies babies are doing great so far-all are gaining and she is being a very good mom. Posted a new photo of Lilly.

June 29 They're here!!! Finally the new babies have arrived. Keelie delivered 4 blenheim babies today 3 girls and 1 boy. . Even ultrasounds can be wrong. See puppies here.

June 24 We are still waiting and watching Keelie-no news yet.

June 12 Glory has now received her CKC Champion certificate! Glory is now Ch. SuShines Midnight Magic and she is already working on more titles. So now Dream has produced 5 confirmed champions to her credit and now we must apply for ROM title.

May 28 Keelie confirmed pregnant by ultrasound-a small litter-possibly two.

May 20 Glory and Keelie had pedigrees inserted on their pages. Still not sure if Keelie is expecting end of June-waiting and watching.

May 4 & 5  Glory  completes  her  Championship  to  be  :          Ch. SuShines Midnight Magic  by winning 4 Best of Breeds- 4 more points. Now she will be working on adding titles to the other end of her name in Rally-O and Obedience. This also gives Dream, her dam, a new title of Register of Merit for producing 5 champions!  Now after Jack does a little shopping for a new suit and Lilly waits until she is 6 months old (June 30)-then they will be out to shows too.

Apr.16-Keelie has just come in season and will be bred. We are just waiting for the right timing and will post the details soon. But this now means she cannot compete in the next 4 Obedience trials that she was entered in.

Mar.23 & 24 -Jack and Glory are entered in their 1st show of the year at Cobequid Dog Club, Truro. Excited to say Jack won 3 points winning Best of Breed, Best of Winners and Best Puppy on Sat. while Glory won 2 points on Sun with Winner female-giving her now 6 points in total.

Mar.14 Liane's Lillifee arrived!!!!

Feb.23- Jack and Glory attended a Fun Match today. Jack won BB, BP and Group 1st while Glory took BOS. See more photos of Jack here.

Feb.9- Show postponed and by Sun still storming, snowing and blowing so we stayed home.

Feb.7- Glory bounced around her show handling class and finally settled enough to strut her stuff. Hope she is ready for the Halifax show except her own grooming is not to my liking!!! Jack too will be going to his first show--now weather wise a huge snow storm is forecast for Friday and Saturday- perhaps we'll be lucky and it will pass us by.

Jan.2- Keelie is starting back to Obedience classes and getting Glory ready for Halifax show Feb.9 &10 if she has any hair left.....she's doing her own grooming!!

Dec. 2012 I also received a lovely photo from Joanne Daley of Gracie's Championship and Group 2nd win


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